We are passionate about Rumba music and we try to organize several times a year an event dedicated to “la Rumba” and his fusions: Festival Rumba Town.

The Rumba Town Collectif has many contacts in Belgium and Spain with musicians of the same style. Their is a strong connection between Barcelona and Brussels wich offer the opportunity to bring groups and dj’s from Barcelona to Brussels and visa versa. Que viva la Rumba!

3 Edition @ Brussels & Antwerpen

Brussels : 29 june 2018

Adress : De Koer – Dapperheidsplein 21, 1070 Brussels
>> De Koer Facebook Page

Free entrance

Line up

  • 16h – Workshop Make your own cajón with Jeroen Smets
  • 18h – Rumbajam just bring your guitar or any other instrument and jam
  • 19h – Dj de la casa Miguel Menendez (Rumba Hispano Belga) + Sebcat (Rebel Up)
  • 21h – D.Kanal (cat)

Antwerpen : 1 july 2018

Adress : Madam Fortuna – Sergeyselsstraat 20, 2140 Antwerpen
>> Madam Fortuna Website

Entrance : 7€

Line up

  • 16h – Dj de la casa Miguel Menendez (Rumba Hispano Belga)
  • 19h – D.Kanal (cat)
  • 21h – Arumbo (cat, be)
Festival Rumba Town III

New edition Festival Festival Rumba Town III from Anderlecht to Borgerhout in exact 2 weeks. Please share and be theeereeee!Friday, in collaboration with de Koer, Dapperheidsplein 21, 1070 Brussels.Free Entrance- 16h: Make your own cajón, Jeroen Smets (More info in event)-18h: RUMBAJAM (Bring your guitar or any other instrument, we bring the lyrics and the chords).- 19h Dj @Miguel Menéndez (Rumba Hispano Belga) (ES)+ Dj Sebastiaan Bassleer (Rebel Up) (BE)- 21h: Live concert D.kanal (CAT)----------------------------------------------------------------Sunday, in collaboration with MadamFortuna Vzw, Sergeyselsstraat 20, 2140 AntwerpenEntrance 7€- 16h: Dj de la casa Miguel Menéndez (Rumba Hispano Belga)- 19h: live concert D.kanal (CAT)- 21h: Arumbo (BE/CAT)https://www.facebook.com/events/1928157530803427/http://www.pinya-co.eu/festival-rumba-town/

Geplaatst door Festival Rumba Town op zaterdag 16 juni 2018

2 Edition @ Collectif AuQuai, Brussels

17 november 2017

Adress : Collectif au Quai – Quai du Hainaut 23, 1080 Brussels

Line up

  • 20:00-21:00 Dj Miguel Menendez (RumbaHispanoBelge)
  • 21:00-22:00 Canela ‘n Drama (Duo van Rumberos van Barcelona)
22:00-23:00 Arumbo (Espano-Belgische Rumba Fusion groep)
23:00-00:00 Shaman Festival (Groep dat een Mix brengt van World,ska,world,rumba,oriental> Presentation new EP « Open »)
  • 00:00-01:30 Dj Sebcat(Rebel up Collectief)
  • 01:30-3:00 Oscilliador Bass (ElectroCumbia van Mexico)

1 Edition@ViaVia Brussels

9 june 2017

Line up