Circus can be a very good tool to get to know and to take care of oursuperate fears, to win confidence, to learn to enjoy alone and in group…

Doing circus is a great way to work the motricity and the movement of the body. For all those reasons we love to give circus workshops to the little ones over youngsters until adults.

In circus, something that looks impossible will become possible by training. The feeling of achieving something that seemed impossible at first gives you a good feeling, a feeling of success.

Those positive experiences give you confidence, also to confront other challenges in life next to the circus.

What we propose:

  • Circus initiation for all ages (juggling with balls, clubs, scarves, diabolo, poys, board-stick, equilibre, flower sticks,…)
  • Workshop Aerial silks / Trapeze (initiation)
  • Workshop Aerial silks (intermediate level)
  • Performance with aerial silks
  • Creation of a circus performance with childrens and adolescents.

Aerial Silks

by Marta Meix Garcia

Finalised Projects


Imaginis is a circus performance with youngsters from Jongerenwerking Foyer & Foyer des Jeunes in collaboration with Pinya-Co vzw & Cultuurdienst Molenbeek. Imaginis is a project around the imagination, a project where the power of the imagination counts more than the serious world of the adults. We take the audience through a magic journey where all is possible. The performance is built up around a magic egg with a creature inside. When the group performs a ritual, the magic egg becomes alive and tells the group to perform an exercise. During the show, exercises are included like: monocycle, juggling, walking with stilts, magic-tricks, aerial silks, arrows, diabolo and many more…