We are passionate about Rumba music and we try to organize several times a year an event dedicated to “la Rumba” and his fusions: Festival Rumba Town.

The Rumba Town Collectif has many contacts in Belgium and Spain with musicians of the same style. Their is a strong connection between Barcelona and Brussels wich offer the opportunity to bring groups and dj’s from Barcelona to Brussels and visa versa. Que viva la Rumba!

3 Edition @ Brussels & Antwerpen

Brussels : 29 june 2018

Adress : De Koer – Dapperheidsplein 21, 1070 Brussels
>> De Koer Facebook Page

Free entrance

Line up

  • 16h – Workshop Make your own cajón with Jeroen Smets
  • 18h – Rumbajam just bring your guitar or any other instrument and jam
  • 19h – Dj de la casa Miguel Menendez (Rumba Hispano Belga) + Sebcat (Rebel Up)
  • 21h – D.Kanal (cat)


Antwerpen : 1 july 2018

Adress : Madam Fortuna – Sergeyselsstraat 20, 2140 Antwerpen
>> Madam Fortuna Website

Entrance : 7€

Line up

  • 16h – Dj de la casa Miguel Menendez (Rumba Hispano Belga)
  • 19h – D.Kanal (cat)
  • 21h – Arumbo (cat, be)
Festival Rumba Town III

New edition Festival Festival Rumba Town III from Anderlecht to Borgerhout in exact 2 weeks. Please share and be theeereeee!Friday, in collaboration with de Koer, Dapperheidsplein 21, 1070 Brussels.Free Entrance- 16h: Make your own cajón, Jeroen Smets (More info in event)-18h: RUMBAJAM (Bring your guitar or any other instrument, we bring the lyrics and the chords).- 19h Dj @Miguel Menéndez (Rumba Hispano Belga) (ES)+ Dj Sebastiaan Bassleer (Rebel Up) (BE)- 21h: Live concert D.kanal (CAT)----------------------------------------------------------------Sunday, in collaboration with MadamFortuna Vzw, Sergeyselsstraat 20, 2140 AntwerpenEntrance 7€- 16h: Dj de la casa Miguel Menéndez (Rumba Hispano Belga)- 19h: live concert D.kanal (CAT)- 21h: Arumbo (BE/CAT)https://www.facebook.com/events/1928157530803427/http://www.pinya-co.eu/festival-rumba-town/

Geplaatst door Festival Rumba Town op zaterdag 16 juni 2018
D.kanal us anuncia el festival Rumba Town III

D.kanal us anuncia el Festival Rumba Town III! No os le perdais! Viernes 29/6 @ de Koer y Domingo @ MadamFortuna Vzw!Check the program in the event with workshop to make your own cajon, Rumbajam, Arumbo, D.kanal, Miguel Menéndez (Rumba Hispano Belga), Sebastiaan Bassleer (Rebel Up)!

Geplaatst door Festival Rumba Town op Donderdag 28 juni 2018

2 Edition @ Collectif AuQuai, Brussels

17 november 2017

Adress : Collectif au Quai – Quai du Hainaut 23, 1080 Brussels

Line up

  • 20:00-21:00 Dj Miguel Menendez (RumbaHispanoBelge)
  • 21:00-22:00 Canela ‘n Drama (Duo van Rumberos van Barcelona)
22:00-23:00 Arumbo (Espano-Belgische Rumba Fusion groep)
23:00-00:00 Shaman Festival (Groep dat een Mix brengt van World,ska,world,rumba,oriental> Presentation new EP « Open »)
  • 00:00-01:30 Dj Sebcat(Rebel up Collectief)
  • 01:30-3:00 Oscilliador Bass (ElectroCumbia van Mexico)

1 Edition@ViaVia Brussels

9 june 2017

Line up