Music in all its forms is one of our big passions, it is a very accesible way to express what you feel, to share emotions and to communicate with others, even if they do not speak the same language.

Music is a universal language that we all understand. In our experience in Brussels, a very multicultural city, we have realized that music is a great tool of integration for many who newly come to a country. We like to use this tool to build bridges between different cultures or nationalities and create a common language and a strong connection between all participants.

What we propose:

  • Participatory projects with youngsters and adults around music in its broadest sence.
  • Create a song with the participants and record it in a studio.
  • Realize a Videoclip (See examples in ‘realized projects’).
  • Organize workshops where people can come and express themselves through music, play in a jam session and discover instruments by playing and experimenting immediately all together.


Arumbo is a rumba/fusion group with influences from the middle east, bringing danceable songs with melodies from the heart. You will be taken on a sunny trip accompanied by a singer with a warm and generous voice that will caress your ears and knows how to excite your emotions. Arumbo was born in the summer of 2015. The group consists of 7 musicians with different musical backgrounds. The live setting of the band is depending on the occasion.

Genre: Fusion, World music, Rumba.

During their trip through Southern Europe in 2015, Jonas and Marta played their solo repertoire in the streets and this was a hit with the audience. They were invited to play several concerts and thus Arumbo was born. Now you can listen to 5 tracks of their first EP « Mi Bruselas » on . The EP is recorded by Arumbo’s fix Sound engineer, Gorik De Smet, and mixed and mastered by Joel Condal (Grabaciones Silvestres).

Finalized Projects


KUNIGI FANGA is a group of musicians from very different horizons formed in Brussels in March 2013. From then on they create reggae music with an intercultural character, music WITHOUT BORDERS!

Kunigi Fanga was born in the refugee center Petit-Château where Marta and Jonas were giving creative workshops and discovered great musical talent. Together with the local musicians they built out the group to a semi-professional group who performed many times all over Belgium.