The organization is dedicated to the realization of projects on short and long term. It aims to promote creativity, education and imagination. Pinya-Co works with people of all ages, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Part of the projects is artistic and another important part is socioartistic with a focus on a fragile public.

We work with all kinds of arts to give different messages or to educate on different values. Pinya-Co carries out different workshops: circus, body expression, creative activities, music and teambuildings/castellers. The projects or workshops usually have a specific goal. For example, during a workshop in a school we will present a performance (even if it is a small one) at the end of the workshops. In this way, we want to highlight the capacities of the participants.

The work field experience of our association started in Brussels, specifically in Molenbeek and Anderlecht. Nonetheless, we also work in other parts of Brussels, in Belgium and internationally. We work in schools, refugee centers, social centers or even in the streets.

The organisation is a « vzw » or « asbl », coordinated by Marta Meix Garcia and Jonas Mertens. Pinya-Co doesn’t have any structural support from the government and works purely on freelance contracts.